Spiritually Youthful and Energetic but with savvy and years of experience. Superior musicianship, extreme versatility and infectious “Positive Energy”!

Dr. ThinKingStein is a much anticipated Artist with a “Funky Sound” coming directly from the “FatherShip”!!!  William A. Baker is Dr. ThinKingStein!!!  The Celestial Extra Terrestrial, coming to spread light on darkness with his “Angelic Musicians”, in his “Heavenly Vessel”,  “The FatherShip”!!!  Traveling 777 times faster than the speed of Light!!!  “Before Time”, Light Years Ahead of Time”, & “On Time”!!!! Our band is the most versatile band in the Universe…….

Dr. ThinKingStein is the “Cranium General with the “Pyramids” in his head, (Cortical Pyramidal Cells)….A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!!  Lyrically conscious that words can bring “Life” or “Death”.  Dr. ThinKingStein has created a “Funky Sound” with powerful lyrics that believes “To Revive Renew Your Mind”.

Dr. ThinKingStein is the “Master” of the “Reality Principle”, and the “Inheritor” of the “Pleasure Principle”!!!   You have heard so much about UFO’s, so get ready to be “Funkducted”, and taken on a “Life Enlightening” Universal Journey on “The FatherShip”.


End Time Angels

The Landing