Film Locations


We are your online property resources for Location Managers, Location Scouts, Still Photographers, Directors, and Producers. We provide locations in a wide variety of categories to meet the exact needs of the film, television, commercial and photography industries.

Our location library includes varied properties including commercial, office, warehouse, retail shopping centers, restaurants, residential, parking lots, parking garages, golf courses, gyms and more. If you do not see what you need, please let us know so that we can assist you further.


We are always looking for quality properties to add to our location library and you may submit properties for consideration through this site as well.

If you are trying to lease and/or sell your property, we can market your property to the entertainment industry and bring you revenue. Our services complement your broker’s services – we bring you quick, short term revenue while your broker works on longer term revenue. Call us today for an appointment or to just ask us what we do over the phone

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